MIA Robotic Hand
Redefining human-centered design, improving life
DrTung's Smart Floss
Overturn material preconceptions Good design is the meeting point of the right material and the right shape
Marrone Custom Cooking
The Chef's needs come first, his ideas and wishes drive the design and then become reality, in solid steel
Lavazza Piccina
The task of capturing the emotion of an everyday action

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Why Elastico Disegno

We develop innovative products for a changing world, from state of the art technology to human-centered devices and industrial equipment.

Our team combines Design and Technology expertise with a deep understanding of Human Behavior to create what’s next.

Elastico is a way of thinking that brings together a group of designers, architects and engineers.

Elastico creates Design and Architecture.

Elastico lives thanks to the energy released from the creative process.

Elastico thinks we need more poetry and less rhymes.

Elastico is where you least expect it.

Elastico can bring your products to success.


Electronics, Furniture, Appliances, Sport goods and much more. Eclectic thinking is at the base of a good project.


Concept and development of Toys and Devices for the younger ones, because we all wish we were still children.


We design Living and Moving Spaces. People need their space, nomatter where they are.


Medical devices and Beauty appliances, taking care of the design that takes care of people.


From logos to interfaces and packaging, a coherent design follows every aspect of the product.


From High-speed Rail to Automotive Interiors, design provides innovative and efficient solutions.