Prensilia MIA


MIA Robotic Hand

MIA is a robotic Prosthetic Hand for amputees manufactured by Prensilia, a spin-off of the Scuola Sant’Anna of Pisa.

It’s a frontier product, where advanced engineering gives it functionality, and Design makes it human.

It was designed with correct anthropomorphic proportions, enabling the user to overcome his/her disability.  And while looks human, the feeling and the materials convey technology. It highlights the possibilities offered by this new part of the user’s body, and it enables an improved phisical and psicological acceptance.

MIA is covered by a silicon semi-glove, easier to fit-on compared to the regular full gloves, while still providing water and dust resistance.

Smart. Embedded current, position and force sensors allow for feedback and control behaviours.

Versatile. Multi-grasp capabilities for multiple usage scenarios.

Powerful. Up to 70N Maximum grip force available in all grasping patterns.

In 2019 MIA received the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design, and a The Plan Award.